Airport to airport pet delivery service for your new family member now is available for all new puppy owners and breeders.  

We are now offering puppy air transportation. For breeders and new puppy owners around Minnesota to any major airport in the United States. We will meet the breeder, pick up the puppy and fly to the new owners major airport. Hand to hand delivery service to assure you pup travels safely and has a positive experience while being cared for their entire trip.

We would never send our puppies cargo, its dangerous!! You have invested a great amount of money selecting a good quality dog, Don’t let your new family member ride cargo he or she should ride in a carry-on soft sided cooled comfortable carried-on bag. Along our side every minute until he or she is handed off to you.

Did you know, how often pets are killed or lost in cargo hold. Its truly sad. Look at PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) they keep track of deaths and injures. Unfortunately, they don’t know all the emotional stress it causes. Puppies, dogs and cats are put the kennels on pallets for transporting puppy kennels are stacked up. A forklift picks up the pallet and sometimes they all come crashing down. They can get so stressed it can harm them for life or worse, causing injury or death.

At Fuzzaircare we would be happy to meet you at your nearest major airport. Hand to hand delivering your new family member is a pleasure. Its so wonderful to see the 1st meet.  Your new baby will never leave our side

. I have been delivering puppies throughout the United States since 2008. I have perfected a routine that works fantastic without any stress on you new buddy.

I will arrange all the details of the flight and connect with your breeder for pickup.

Call for details on booking your new family member today. I cant wait to meet you!

Prices vary on each location  650.00 to 750.00 average.

If you have flight miles to use they can be transferred or we will work with on the booking arrangements. This will decrease the cost almost by half.

Pet air delivery service is proud to say no to cargo hold where taking a chance just isn’t the way to go.

Thank you from


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