New update on Copper!!!

Muddy Meadows Doctor Copper JH  

5/24/2016 DOB

Weight 67 pounds

We are so very excited about Copper. He is at the trainers and just shows so much promise. This boy will be working on his Master Hunt next spring. We just had his hard copies of his hip and elbows xrayed at Inver Grove Heights and they look fantastic. What a character he had to ride shotgun!!! He has such focus, drive and personality to boot. We may have our excellent hip boy yet. Stay tuned to see if OFA has a gift for us this time. All his DNA disease testing is complete.

prcd-PRA status:Paw Print Clear

PRA1 status:Paw Print Clear

PRA2 status:Paw Print Clear

Ichthyosis status:Paw Print Carrier

DM status:Paw Print Clear

Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE14476/21M-VPI (3/18, D1)

Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA32900/21M/P-VPI

Just waiting for his Hip and elbows to come back!!

copper hips.jpg
copper L elbow.jpg

Only weeks away~

The girls are growing every day. Maggie is huge already. Just took Pearl in for her ultra sound and the vet confirmed she has a belly full. Pearl is due about a week after Maggie. Potential birthing date for Maggie is May 5th. I will update more as soon as I know anything!! Have a great weekend. 

New litter coming soon!

Kids and Goldens seem to have a connection. 

We are excited to have our spring started. Our next litter, Chad and I will be breeding Pearl her  Mutli Champion pedigree, her grandsire,  Drake (GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH CCA OS)   Decoy pictured below is Pearl and Maggies father. Pearl is a  beautiful girl, loves to retrieve, birdy, swims and has just gorgeous litters with Bull Dozzer. Maggie is owned by my oldest son, she is a pleaser, always trying to please, she has a wonderful life with my two granddaughters who are always concerned about their dog Mags! Maggie is genital, loves to duck hunt and definitely is a people person kind of gal. 

decoy-041111 (1).jpg

 Tidewater Dirty Decoy is about 80 pounds, 

This is Maggie and Pearls great grand sire Father,   Jerrys Golden Primo JH  (6/19/2000-8/31/2014) 76 pound of lean muscle. Primo was about  He was an amazing golden, He was my 1st hunt test JR Champ and we did it together. Both learning the AKC rules. It was an amazing adventure that I cherish. Primo left us on 8/31/14 from old age. He was tired and needed relief. He was My oldest sons dog, loved to hunt swim chase kids. He was always with them. Jerry trained him to hunt and Primo always would bring the duck back to whoever shoot it. When I started training with him, we had to have an understanding that I was the only one that needed that bird. LOLOL it was amazing, I cried when he brought me that last bird for that title. This dog was not just any dog, he was apart of our golden history as a family, as a breeder and taught us that our life would never be what it was because of his cherished gift. LOVE TO YOU PRIMO! 

This is Maggie and Pearls great grand sire Father,  Jerrys Golden Primo JH  (6/19/2000-8/31/2014) 76 pound of lean muscle. Primo was about  He was an amazing golden, He was my 1st hunt test JR Champ and we did it together. Both learning the AKC rules. It was an amazing adventure that I cherish. Primo left us on 8/31/14 from old age. He was tired and needed relief. He was My oldest sons dog, loved to hunt swim chase kids. He was always with them. Jerry trained him to hunt and Primo always would bring the duck back to whoever shoot it. When I started training with him, we had to have an understanding that I was the only one that needed that bird. LOLOL it was amazing, I cried when he brought me that last bird for that title. This dog was not just any dog, he was apart of our golden history as a family, as a breeder and taught us that our life would never be what it was because of his cherished gift. LOVE TO YOU PRIMO! 



We have a new prospect in our Golden Family!

Our new golden retriever stud dog!!! Born May 24, 2016. He will be 2 soon and his testing for DNA Is back and all clear on PRA, PRA1, PRA2, DM. Carrier of ICH.  We took Prilim hip and elbows and YES they look fantastic. His EYE cerf is a pass too!  We are very excited about Copper, he finished his AKC JR hunt title this past summer and he is training for his Masters. He is a gorgeous dark golden boy that has a very pleasing attitude, wants to retrieve, retrieve retrieve. Very easy to handle and has a life with a wonderful loving family when he isn't off training, doing what goldens think is candy, yes ducks, birds, birds birds.... He is soon heading back to his trainer to see what Copper can do next. 

Muddy Meadows Doctor Copper,    

Muddy Meadows Doctor Copper, 


Copper is fun, he loves to show off and is strikingly handsome. He loves to work and it doesn't matter what kind.. Currently dancing with his fav toy!   Pedigree link,

Copper is fun, he loves to show off and is strikingly handsome. He loves to work and it doesn't matter what kind.. Currently dancing with his fav toy! 

Pedigree link,

Muddy Meadows Doctor Copper

Muddy Meadows Doctor Copper

Almost 11

Hi Cindy

Back in 2007 I got a puppy from you Green and White boy. I thought I would send you some updated pictures at 10 he’s still handsome as ever and the love of my life. Thank you so much for bringing this amazing and smart dog into my life. I love him as much today as I did the day I got him almost 11 years ago!

Miranda & Beaux



Past Customer letters

Past Owners Letters


Golden Retriever working.jpg

Hi Cindy, Just wanted to say hello & show ya pics of Duke (Teddy). He is such a great dog & he graduated from puppy school a few weeks ago. He starts intermediate class tonight. Hope you are well😄

Cindy, Reagan (aka Taylor Swift - from Decoy and Zula) is now over a year old. I have had her out on pheasants a couple of times and she is having a ball. She is great fun to have around the house as well. Nice high energy and really friendly. She still thinks she's a lap dog.

Hi Cindy, I hope that you are surviving the winter! Our puppy, Bailey, from the litter of Decoy and Penny, is growing quickly. I was wanting to check out the adult weight of Decoy. I think I remember that Penny is 65 lbs and Decoy is 90 lbs. Am I remembering corruptly? Bailey was 60 lbs at 9 months. What age do golden's reach their adult size/weight? Bailey is doing well. We did puppy class, then "basic skills" class at the TC Obedience Club. Now we are doing an "Impulse Control" class. We need to work on loose leash walking and jumping during greetings! He is super friendly to all people and dogs. In additional to two long walks per day, we try to get him to the dog park 1-2 days per week for off leash fetch and playing. We are also taking him to doggie day care once per week for indoor exercise during this ridiculous cold! He does tolerate his fleece boots, but does not appreciate them! It is hard to get Bailey sitting still long enough to capture a good photo, but I will try to send one. He is a beautiful dog. Thanks! Susan PS Our daughter, who is now 7 1/2, loves, loves, loves Bailey.

Cindy, Bodhi (aka Ernie of Captain and Angel) just turned 3. It's hard to believe that he has been with us that long. Bodhi is just a wonderful dog. He is so smart (sometimes too smart for his own good) and a very loving boy. Although we don't hunt with Bodhi, his retrieving instincts are very strong. Bodhi is a powerful swimmer and loves to dive in the water after a ball. He gets more handsome every day. What a great dog! Thanks. Erik and Nina Hey

Cindy, It is hard to believe that Ester/ Tess is going to be 14 weeks old tomorrow. She has been such a good girl and is growing like crazy. When we were at the vet and she already weighed 24lbs and seems grow a little bit every day. She has been eating between 2.5-3 cups per day. We attended a puppy training class with a local vet in town. It was four sessions of basically puppy socialization and tips and tricks for owners. She did very well, at the time she was the youngest in the class, but performed very well. We have received so many compliments on what beautiful dog she is, she really is a great looking dog. She has been very friendly to all the people/ dogs that she has been around, a few weeks ago she was around some small children. I was very careful with her, but she did very well around the little ones. She loves to spend time outside, she is very observant. We have been doing leash walks several times a day. With the heat the past few weeks we have been keeping them short. During the day, while I am at work, she spends her days at my mom's house. They have been getting along well together. My mom is really enjoying her. We have the little plastic pools at both our houses, she loves to get in and splash around, she also walks through every puddle she can find, or sticks her nose in any leaking garden hose. If she can find some dirt or mud near the sprinklers, she sure seems to enjoy it. My mom says she is definitely an a dog. She loves to go out on pontoon boat rides, she is very good at riding in the car now. The time is going by so quickly, she has been such a good pup. But we do have our moments when she still wants to test the boundaries or she just wants to try to push some hot bottoms. At certain times we have decided, she is just getting tired and it is time for a nap or bed, which usually is the case. She is definitely a smart little girl so she can keep you on your toes. But 90+% of the time she has been just great, they would not be puppies if you did not have a few challenges along the way. We have been so happy with Tess, I want thank you and your family for they opportunity to get one of your pups. Thanks Scott I have been trying to take pictures, but I seem never to be quite quick enough for the great shots. Not sure how you guys get all the awesome puppy photos you do.

Cindy, Penny is doing well! She is house-broken, knows SIT, COME, FETCH IT UP, (by voice and whistle), as well as LAY DOWN, SHAKE, and WAIT. We started letting her sleep on the floor of our bedroom, out of her kennel, and so far she has done pretty well. One night, though, she thought the edge of the comforter tasted good, fortunately I heard her and stopped her :) She seems to have most/all of her adult teeth in and her coat is no longer fluffy. Her tail is starting to get a bit of that Golden Fan look to it. We have been feeding her 3 times a day 1 cup/serving, Life's Abundance and she eats it up. She weighs about 40 pounds now. Is this typical for the age (not quite 6 months) and litter? It would be interesting to hear how Penny's brothers and sisters are doing. --- Jonathan

Hi Cindy, I am sorry that we have not contacted you sooner, but life with our golden retriever has been busy. Riley is now 6 months old and growing bigger everyday. She was spayed within the last month and weighed 55 lbs at that visit. She has been extremely healthy and adorable. She loves swimming in the lake, going for walks, pheasant hunting, and playing with her friend Rosie (neighbor's 1 year old golden retriever who spends summers at the lake). She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are absolutely smitten with her; our cat is still undecided! Anyway, just wanted to give you an update. I would love to send you some pictures, but couldn't figure out how to attach them to this email. Take care, The Durfees

Hi Cindy! Just a quick update on our lovely little girl! She is an absolute delight and we love her dearly! She is smart, funny, loyal and beautiful! She is now microchipped and our vet says she is healthy! She us learning everyday and she was quick to learn potty training. She is also crate trained. Every place we go, we get compliments on how pretty Gracie is and how well behaved!

Cindy- thank you again! She is a doll and we love her so much! She does stay in the yard, but just to be safe we do have her on a cable at times. She is never outside without us-yes, we are over protective parents!  Missy and Brad

HEY THERE CINDY (: Hi Cindy and family, It's been quite a long time since I've been in contact with you, my little Kahlua is already five years old this year. It's crazy how fast the time seems to go. She's doing great, she loves the summer because we bring her up to the cabin with us every weekend to go swimming and play the whole weekend long! She still loves to harass Sarge as much as possible. She's a fast little devil, beats old Sarge to almost every ball or stick nowadays! Kahlua is still loving to hunt, especially pheasants and she gets better every year. I just happened to check in on your website and you've still got the most beautiful Goldens that I can find! I just love to look at them and see how much Kahlua looks like her parents! I'm just about 21 now, so I've been in college for two years now, it's great but I haven't gotten a place to have a pet yet, so unfortunately Kahlua. Next year I'll be getting a place that allows dogs, so I'm quite excited. However, my family doesn't want me to to take Kahlua away from them...she's too much of a lover and we all agree that Sarge would be way too lonely without her there to play. I've been considering getting a puppy of my own to have around in Stevens Point with me, so you guys have always been in the back of my mind for when I get my next golden. I'd love to have a dog that is in some way related to Kahlua, she's truly the best dog I've ever had! I've attached a picture of her for you to see, not a very good one, but I thought you'd like to see her as she is, a lover who never wants to be by herself!

Marlee Just writing you another email (: Willow is the most brilliant amazing dog in the universe! i swear! At 8 weeks she already knew sit, come, down (like lay down), and by 9 weeks ...she knows sit, come, down, beg, LEAVE IT, her name, and she is fully potty trained! She sleeps through all the night now! (: we are sooo proud and impressed with her! i mean really! She is growing SO fast, like it is crazy! she is the BEST dog EVER! i wanna make a video and send it to you of willow doing all the things she knows! she is so brilliant!!! We took her to the vet, and she is in PERFECT health and got her shots and heartguard and all that jazz. (: we are so in love with her. She is spoiled ROTTEN haha I'm going to attach some more pictures of her. I have more coming, and some videos if it will work! OOH and we registered her too! (: YAAY (: Anyways I hope all is well!!!! Thank you soo much for Willow! (: (: (: Love, Bekah

Hi Cindy, I just wanted to give you an update on Johnny, that we now call Bohdi. The two hour ride to our home was uneventful. He just cried a couple times for a few seconds. He slept through the night and only cried for a couple seconds when I first put him to bed. I actually slept the whole night!! I know it has been not even 24 hours yet but he is the best puppy! He has managed to charm everyone that he meets. Thank you, Jane

Dear Cindy, Hey there from Colorado (: Just thought i would give you an update. We FINALLY arrived home around 3:30 am. It was quite a long drive, with a few storms that slowed us down. Willow (shooter) did AMAZING! Like wow, she is the most perfect dog EVER! I think she really likes riding in the car, she was as happy as could be and slept quite often. She didn't get sick at all or have an accident at all! If she had to go potty she would whine to tell us. We are VERY impressed!!! She's our little angel! She is so beautiful, sweet, and HILARIOUS! Thank you SOO much for her!!! I'm including some pictures of our trip back for your enjoyment. (: God bless!!!!! -Bekah

Hi Cindy Sorry we got cut off the other day, my cell went dead! As you can see Judd loves the pool, he also loves the garden hose but he hates the bathtub! He has grown a lot in 5 days and goes to the vet on Wednesday for his 9 week shots. He is a joy to have and is a wonderful little boy. I have a couple other pictures I will forward of him in the pool. Talk to you soon. Take Care Nancy

Hi Cindy, Just wanted to tell you everything is going great with the pup! We decided the name Winnie wasn't right, and decided on the name Junie (nickname for June or Juniper). She's had ZERO accidents in the house (knock on wood) and we just made her first vet appointment. Everyone she meets falls in love with her. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog! Katie & Scott

Hello Chad & Cindy! Just a quick note with a couple of pics of Charlie, who has become more and more endearing to Bonnie, in central KY, since she arrived home (down on the farm!), Christmas Eve. Charlie survived the 14-hour ride incredibly well going for potty-breaks every two-three hours and sleeping on my lap the rest of the time! A few days after Christmas, we took Charlie to the vet for an initial check-up and several of the girls who work in that office actually came in ,and waited, on their day-off to see her. Needless to say the appointment was delayed form the massive amounts of hugs and kisses all of the ladies in the vets office gave her! Charlie now tips the scale at 42#...gets an enormous amount of exercise�and on her daily walks, has learned who the neighboring dogs are, that she wags up to. Shes presently trying to bat her eyes at Sammy but all he wants to do is play pull-toy with her. Her favorite treats are carrot sticks she cant seem to eat enough of them! Please enjoy some of these photos shes been to training is getting very good at being housebroken sits, stays, lays down and is beautiful, naturally, 100% of the time. Bonnie is biased, but is convinced that there are no other Goldens as beautiful as she is! Take care enjoy the snow-melt and thanks, again, for your professional and thoughtful manner in which your breed/produce beautiful Golden Retrievers. Wayne He slept with us last night and he was so worn out he slept all night. He's doing great on the potty training so far. He does like to eat. He's so full of energy and a snuggle bug. He's such a character! I think he already loves us :) We both have the whole next week off so he will get a lot of attention. He will meet his brother Simon next week too. Thank you again for our wonderful baby boy. Laura Max is now about a yr and a half and is a great friend. Max is always with us he has never been alone. He goes to work every day and greets all of our customers. Max will be in his 1st television commercial on channel 9 morning and evening news. He did a great job! Thank you for the great dog, be certain he is loved and has a great life Thank you and Merry Christmas mark

We are enjoying Zeus and he is catching on very quick in his dog obedience 1 class, but is still working hard not to jump up on others when they come to pet him. He just has so much love to share and he gets so excited when visitors come, he thinks it 's all about him. He has his testing for the class tomorrow, so we are hoping we can sign him up for the next level if all goes well tomorrow. Zeus just loves the snow, he runs and buries his nose into the snow. We have a big snow mound in the back yard from shoveling our deck and Zeus likes sitting on top of it like he is king of the mountain. He just loves the day care kids and he never jumps up on them. He likes it when they play with the bubbles, he is right there to pop them. He is a very curious puppy and playful. If he feels he is being ignored he steals socks and will stand still until you notice him and then takes off. We had to put our bar of soap in a travelers case because he likes to go in the shower and tries to take it. So we have our house pretty puppy proof. Merry Christmas

Hi Cindy She is such a sweetie-pie and so smart - oh my gosh. She crawls into my lap and snores, she digs to China in the snow - like a little kid making angels and look at her intelligent face - she has brought us so much joy. Now..............she can be really naughty - she got up on counter last week and ate 3 dozen pecan coconut cookies - they were wrapped and everything - luckily she did not get sick. We are working on the counter problem daily! She just cannot resist a good cookie. She is going to be so majestic when she finally grows up. Thank you so much Cindy for our Abbie-Rose! Susan L.

Cindy, Thank you so much for the Christmas greeting. Remy is doing great. He is so smart, loving. loyal and a great companion. He graduated from puppy obedience school back in November. Taking another class in January (high distractions and good citizen). The instructor at the training facility says he's one of nicest Goldens he's seen in LONG time. WE LOVE HIM!!! Thanks for providing us with the best dog ever. Jean Hi Cindy, Its Mary & Bryan Koll, Coachs mommy and daddy. His parents were Captain & Angel. Well he has done so much, where to begin. We went to an apple orchard in October and met a lot of people and animals. He has gone to pet stores, vet (of course), puppy training, parks, car rides, ice cream shop, doggy daycare (3x, for a half day, to meet other doggies and play), and the lake. His best friend, Bobbi Joe, lives across the street. They play several times a week in our back yard. Her dad is jealous of coach, I gave him your name. I dont think his wife is ready for another dog though. Shes a full grown black lab. He is AMAZING with Emilie. She squeezes, screams, sometimes pets too hard (were working on all of it) and he just loves her. Sometimes he gets too excited and we remind him to settle, but best dog ever! He LOVES water. I dont think Ive ever seen an animal love water as much as he does. The 1st snowfall, OMG, was the cutest thing Ive ever seen. He was soooo EXCITED! We went out for him to go potty that morning and he stopped dead in his tracks, looked back at me, looked out and I knew there wasnt going to be him going potty first, so I said ok, go play he took off in the backyard and we couldnt get him back in till a few hours later. We were out there building a snowman and well the snowman remained armless, someone wouldnt leave the sticks alone. LOL He just finished all his shots and is scheduled for his Neuter, microchip, and radiograph-baseline hip on December 16th. We did opt for the pre surgical blood work too. Hes 46lbs now and is getting his adult hair on his back, but still has a soft fuzzy head and sides. He has his moms curly hair. Were still feeding him Lifes Abundance and plan on continuing that through his life. We feed him 2x/day, starting this month, at 7:30am and 6pm, water is always out of course. I dont think well ever cut down from that, he seems happy with it. He doesnt gobble down his food, he always waits patiently for it to be set down and for our youngest to say ok before he goes and eats. He even leaves food sometimes and comes back to it later. I pick it up if he hasnt eaten it within 1/2hr, mostly because I dont want our youngest eating it. He knows the following cmd.s- sit, lay, wait, up, ok, kennel, bed, roll over, out, down, go potty, settle, heel, shake, love Emilie or whoever (which means go lay next to them), and come. He hasnt perfected heel especially when he gets excited. Hes only had 2 accidents since hes been potty trained. He finished with a 6 week training program, although we taught him most of what he knows before training. Everyone would always say lets just watch Coach, hell do it. Some called him a show off, I think its a compliment J. We started another training class October 21st that ends this Thursday and are signed up to continue onto another starting next Thursday. We will continue from there. Attached are a few, ok a lot, of older-today

Hi Cindy, I'm the owner of Scout, a Honey and Captain pup. He's from her second to the last litter, and the one you named Hunter. He was born in Marchand is now 20 months old. His color is a deep golden just like I wanted and has stunning honey colored eyes. I'm use to seeing brown eyes so I think that is unique looking. He is built like his dad, muscular, paws almost the size of my hands and weighs in at 87 pounds. He has been going to school ever since he was 4 months old. Puppy manners, basic obedience, 3 rounds of advanced obedience, trick training and a class on tracking human scent. SAR might be a part of his future. He has very strong drive and man is that boy strong! In two weeks he is going to be tested for his therapy dog license which was my goal for him before he was born. I'm so excited because we both put a lot of time and effort into this. Our instructor has strict standards that need to be met before she will certify us. If we pass I will send you a picture or two! I have been visiting your website often and have been checking out other breeders of Golden's as well. I personally like your Golden's the best and made a good choice in purchasing a pup from you. They are some of the best looking Golden's I have seen. I'm impressed with my Scout's drive. He is not timid or docile. I am interested in purchasing another pup from you in the future and would like it to be a Captain pup. I am looking for one that will have a shorter coat, like the coat of the dog Taylor that is pictured on your website. Scout has a coat like that only much darker. Also I would like one that is a honey color or a nice deep golden. I don't know how many more years you will be breeding Captain. Would you be able to give me a time frame, and would you take a down payment in advance to secure 1st pick? I'm starting my planning early because I am looking for just the right one! Would you be able to help me?

Hi Cindy, First of all, my sympathy to you and your family in the loss of your brother. May your good memories of him help you through the hard times. I've talked to Cathie and Garya day ago and they said they got the 1st photos of their new boy. I am soooo excited for them. I know they can't wait to see their new "baby". I was talking to my son this week and he said there is a friend of his who will soon be looking for a great looking, hunting golden retriever. You may just be getting another email from the Manitowoc area from him. My granddaughter came in the house the other day and said a police officer stopped in front of the house and talked with her about her dogs. Both Buck and Bart were with her. She said "I told him all the stuff!" Little did I know that that officer was a school friend of my Adam and he is the one looking for a golden. He had remembered that we had a beautiful guy 20 years ago and was shocked to see we still had not 1 but 2 wonderful guys now. I've tried and tried to get a decent picture of my two guys but they're always moving so fast or sleeping so I can't get their faces. Here are a few tries with our gold cat, Max, thrown in for good measure. Bart is awesome! He is such a good little guy and he ADORES Mia, my 8 year old granddaughter. We had both dogs at an outdoor art show last Saturday. I cannot tell you how many people stopped us to admire or pet the 2 boys. The dogs were both on their very best behavior and were just beautiful in the fall sunlight. Bart was so mellow. People could not believe he was only about 4 months old. People asked where we got them. You and your family raise awesome dogs. Not only are they beautiful they are so gentle, smart and happy. What a compliment to you! Bonnie ps Bart loves toilet paper. There is not a bathroom here that is safe. We can't put any rolls in the holders because he just grabs the end and starts running. Now he's learned to grab a roll off the back of the toilet and chew it into a million shreds. We've come home to confetti piles again and again!

Hi Cindy, Can you believe it I'm already 10 weeks old!!! I went to my first vet appt on Monday and I was a really big girl--I didn't even cry. The vet was really nice. He did poke me with a needle but he gave me some treats so it wasn't all that bad. I weigh 16.4 lbs already. I sure am growing!! The vet said I was really pretty & have nice coloring. I think I'm pretty cute too. So does Darla, and she thinks she needs to take millions of pictures of me. I'm a little camera shy though. I'd rather play with the camera strap than pose for a pic. I attached one 9 week old pic, one 9 1/2 week old pic & two 10 week old pics. Hope you like them. I got a new super comfy bed this week that I lay/play on--I have not slept on it yet but I'm sure I will. I'd rather fall asleep on the cool bathroom floor or on Darla's lap. I get in my kennel really good too when I'm told to- -of course I get a treat when I go in there. Anything for a treat. I got a couple of ID tags this week too to match each of my collars. You can see one in my 10 week old pic. Pretty cool, huh? Aunt Dawn says I'm spoiled. I don't jump up as much as I did when I was first got here. I've learned to sit - I sometimes get a treat then too. I get so excited though it's hard not to jump, but I'm working on it. In a few weeks I get to start puppy kindergarten and learn lots of cool stuff. As long as it involves treats -- I'm all for it!!! I'll let you know how that goes and I'll keep you posted on other stuff too that I get to do too. Hope all my brothers and sisters are doing good....Tell mom & dad "Hi" and I miss them, but I really like it here so they don't have to worry. I found a really good home... Talk to you later, Darla

Hi Cindy I see from your web page that you have your hands very full - what a brew!!!!!!!!!!! We are so so happy with Abbi-Rose - she is coming along so nicely - and having the two older mature ones sure help - she follows their leads - we took our first vacation - drove to Georgia and I cannot believe how good she was - never did we have a problem with her. We did on the way back though - just the last 1/2 hour - she had developed a bladder infection and is now on antibiotics - feel so bad but she is doing a bit better tonight. She is 34 pounds already and big big feet - ewww she is so eager to please, smart, and she is going to be very beautiful and sweet - we are the best of pals. my other female, Sophie - I can tell she is really slowing down and I know her time is probably not that far off - I don't know how I am going to get through that - Well you take care - always fun to see what you are doing with all those pups. Regards susan From Bushes Baked Bean Trainer; Smart man doing both sides now!!!! So good to see you. Loved the pix!! Will call you to discuss the decoy concern is that his pups may be too light for a bean dog... What do you think? Xo Soo Hello Cindy - Baylie is doing great and adjusting incredibly well. She's getting lots of love and attention. I just gave her a bath this morning since she decided to role in her was a pleasant surprise when she came back in wanting her daily dose of hugs. She is now nice and clean and smells much better. She sleeps through the night in her new kennel. She rarely cries when she's in the kennel. I think she likes the roomier sleeping quarters and we do too since now we don't hear her every move. She used to raddle the door when she moved around. She is 95% potty trained. I think she was at 80% when arrived but she has her few accidents. We're still learning her cries and routine. She loves PEOPLE and other dogs. Were introducing her to everyone as well as certain dogs (those dogs we know who are up on their shots). She feels very comfortable around big dogs. When people come over she wags her tale and wants all the attention. She needs to greet them and give them lots of licks. My daughter already taught her to sit and we're working on some other basics. She is a smart dog. The kids love her. My son is now adjusting to her. He was not too fond of her the first several weeks because he was not used to dogs and she accidently bit his leg the first/second day she was hear. She was excited and she wanted to play. We've been workind hard on training her not to bite. She's defintiely getting better but she enjoys testing those little baby teeth. We ahve lots of chew toys and we keep her confined to the family room and kitchen area. Although she gets the whole back yard when she's out back. She loves playing in the back yard. She likes the grass and running around the yard. I will send you some pictures later. Take care Julie

Hi Cindy--I have an almost two year old golden retriever from Honey X Captain. I have to tell you I am only 16 years old and have the best dog in the world. Purple Passion's name is now Roma and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. She has all the love in the world to give, and she does. She is the prettiest dog I have ever seen and the reason why I will not be going far away for college! I come home from school and look foward to getting a hug and a kiss from her everyday. You have helped to give me a reason to smile every single day, Roma is the love of my life. I just wanted to thank you so much, and I am going to try and send you some pictures. Thank you so much -Rachel

Good evening Cindy and family, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Zeus is doing great and is loving his new home. Zachary and Amanda are helping in caring for Zeus, by taking him out and playing with him feeding and brushing. He is getting a lot of love from everyone who comes in contact with him. The first couple of weeks Tony and I were tag teaming on getting up with him in the middle of the night, it has been awhile since our sleep was interrupted. After 2 1/2 weeks we found out Zeus likes the dimmer light on a little bit brighter and likes listening to K102. Now he is sleeping until 5:30 am. We have a supply of toys for him upstairs and down and he is like a toddler going from one toy to the next. Thanks so much for the reading material it has come in handy and everyone has read it so we are all on the same page of how we are training Zeus, so he doesn't get confused. He can sit and lay down and will come when his name is called, well he is almost coming still a work in progress(sometimes he does and sometimes he lays there looking at you and doesn't move) Is a fast learner and really loves to please you. He did a great job on his first visit to the Vet, he didn't mind when she looked in his mouth and didn't even flinch or yelp when given his shots. He also did well when we took him to his first shopping experience to Petsmart. Everyone came up to him and said what a beautiful dog he is. He gets a lot of attention from my day care kids. The parents and kids just love him and they are all interacting well. Zeus goes on walks with me and the day care and for a puppy he heals without me telling him what to do. We stop in certain parts of the neighborhood where he can smell and wander. I only work during the school year and have the summer off, so we are all looking forward for long walks and we have a few dog parks that we are going to check out. Enjoy the pictures, Zeus is changing everyday and growing fast. We are so happy with the new addition to our family Laura, Tony, Hi Cindy Thought I would send you some updated photos of our Cooper (from Willow and Captian). These were in the lake today. He's 2 1/2 now and a wonderful addition to our family. He loves every human being and dog and of course his water toys... Enjoy Sue These Are pictures of Muddy Meadows Cap "N" Jack. Sire, Muddy Meadow Captain Cattail. Dam, Copperfields Kiss-N-Tail. I have to say I have never been more pleased with my best friends progress he is one of the most intelligent dogs I have every had the pleasure to share my life with. Here is a conversation I had with my Boyfriend who is in Iraq right now. I was trying to teach them both to walk with my new bicycle. as I have a severe back injury and was having problems walking. here is the difference in their intelligence level's, half way up the block I would put the brakes on the bicycle and daisy would look at the front tire hearing the hiss of the brake touching the tire, then about the first corner she started trying to put her nose on the tire trying to figure it out but she would still jerk the lash when I was trying to slow down the bike. All the rest of the way she would try to get ( grab it with her teeth) the tire and the brake whenever she heard the brake hiss and would jerk the leash. Jack on the other hand noticed the hiss the first time I applied the brake and then every time I would apply the brake after that he would slow with the bike. When I would stop the bike Daisy would look at me like "what"? lets keep going. What did you stop for?; and immediately put her nose on the front tire. When I would stop the bike with Jack he would sit and wait for me to start again. Wow what a difference in breeding makes.

Hi Cindy, I am very happy to say that they both learned very quickly how to walk on the leash with the bicycle.

Hi Cindy: Just thought you might like to see Jessie at just under 3 months old. She is a delightful dog: smart, sassy, loving, boisterous! She now sleeps through the night, but sometimes wakes up at 5 a.m. and wants to play, play, play. She is essentially housebroken, having only had 1 pee puddle and 1 stool in the house in the last 3 weeks. She follows right behind us on our daily walk (1/4 mile through the woods)with or without the leash. She also travels really well in our car. Over Memorial Day weekend when the grandkids were up, she even swam all the way out to the end of the pier without our even coaxing her! We have an extra large dog cage we keep in the car and she never fusses about being in it. We are careful about all the windows being open & water is in her cage if we are stopped for any length of time. However, we have taken down the cage in the house as she much prefers her two favorite napping places: one on the bathroom rug and another on the rug at the back door. We are wondering how Willow's pregnancy is going. We are so pleased with your pick of Jessie for us, that we will again give you the duty of choosing a male puppy that you think would be best for us and a companion to Jessie.

Hello Cindy, Just wanted to give you a little update on Hunter . Hunter is an amazing pup. He is probably the sweetest puppy I have ever met in my entire life. I am not saying just because he is mine,..he truly is a very, gentle, and loving puppy. We like to call him the gentle giant. I have an English creme golden who is 2 months older than Hunter, he's the fiesty one! They absolutely love each other though,..they play and cuddle all the time. Hunter is great! He let's us do anything to him and never complains (i.e cleaning ears, clipping nails, brushing--anything). He's extremely obedient, never went through the destructive puppy stages (*fingers still crossed) and is just all around very happy and content. He's such a "little lover." He loves to be cuddled and his tail never stops wagging. He weighs about 85lbs. and still has his puppy face at 10 months old. He has HUGE paws that we call Grinch feet because his hair sticks out between his "toes." It's so comical. He's a little "hunter" though,..he loves to stalk birds, squirrels, and any other little animal outside that catches his eye. I will send you a few pictures here shortly. I just got a new computer so I'm learning how to use it still. Hope this finds you well. I look forward to hearing about your new pups that come along. I know that we're very happy with Hunter and will highly recommend you! Sincerely, Heather

Hi Cindy! Here's Abbey...Primo X Honey's girl.. Hi Cindy! Here are a few pics of Abbey, she will be 4 yrs old already in May! She is a WONDERFUL smart, beautiful and fearless dog! She is very loving and extremely energetic and enthusiastic. Thank you once again for such an incredible dog, we love her to pieces!! I would LOVE to get another dog from you however we are now the proud "caretakers" of our son's golden for a time and she is keeping us quite busy since she is only 1 1/2 yrs old. So between our black lab and now having 2 goldens in the house, we have our hands full!! It is fantastic tho and keeps us very active:) Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your litters, it is fun to see Primo on your website since we know we are seeing Abbey's papa! If you have another pic of Honey that would be great..I will print them out and put them in Abbey's file. If you need any references we are more than happy to speak to anyone interested in getting one of your puppies. Thanks once again and take care! Karen We thought you might like some updated pictures of Kimber. Kimber is now 4 1/2 and . . . Oh my gosh ! She is in charge of us! Kimber is such a smart dog and such a character. She has us well trained on the routines of each day and doesn't let us forget that she gets a treat after the humans have a meal. She loves to go for car rides, runs down country roads, hunting of any kind, and swimming has become her very favorite thing to do as soon as the ice is off the ponds and lakes. Kimber truly is the smartest Golden we have ever owned. I swear she understands every word and now we have to spell some words so she doesn't know when we are discussing "car rides", "go for a r-u-n", "get a t-r-e-a-t" or "I wonder where the b-a-l-l is?" We are also amazed at the terrific sense of smell she has. It is very, very sharp and precise. She is constantly scaring up pheasants and other birds while she is running 10 mph down the road !!!! AND isn't she beautiful ? ? ? ? ? ? Just can't tell you how much we love her and enjoy her personality every day!! Nancie

Hi, Cindy. Sorry it's taking me a while to get back to you. We are fine and Riever is very fine. What a great and beautiful boy he is! We just adore him. He makes us laugh every day, such a character. He's been very healthy also, absolutely no problems whatsoever. We love how much energy he has. He's always ready to go with me on my walks, and now that we're up north at our cabin, he takes every opportunity to go swimming. Golly, how he loves the water! He's also great with the grandkids, ages 6, 8 and 8. The six year old, especially, loves him. They have really formed a special bond. He doesn't know a stranger. We are delighted with him. We hope everything is well and good with you and your family. Thanks for asking about us. Sue Hi Cindy, Just a quick note. Bentley went for his 4 month check up and he weighs 42lbs. He's a big boy. He eats 5 cups of food a day and our vet loves him. She says he's perfect and has a wonderful temperament. He is so calm. We love him dearly!!! He sits,stays,shakes,lays down,drops things on command, leaves things and stops barking when told. When he meets people he sits and shakes. He has such good manners!!! We've been working on sit snd staying put out in public when the leash is dropped. You would be amazed. He stays for about 20sec.(?) I walk around him and away from him and he watches me. I can tell by the look in his eyes when he wants to get up but I just repeat the commanded and he stays. I then pick up the leash and tell him he's a good boy. Well actually I hug him over and over and tell him how great he is. Our vets office can't believe it. I really can't either. After having many dogs, I know this is the best breed. I'm sold! We are a golden lover family. My vet says not all goldens are as great as him. She said we found a great breeder and I must agree. Have a great day! Tracy

Hes doing just great! Hes been a handful, though. House breaking was a breeze and he did not go through any chewing issues. We now go on walks about 5-6 nights a week. Ive got him walking with me without the need of a leash, usually. Hes happy, smart, healthy, and more of a watchdog than my prior Golden was. Biscuit demands a lot of attention, and reciprocates equally. Id brag that hes a great swimmer (in our backyard pool), but you probably know that already. I dont hunt, so I cant speak to his bird dog capabilities. Hes just a bundle of love and energy. I wish you could see him each and every day. Youd be pleased. Know that he is VERY loved and very well cared for. Pictures forthcoming hes 67 lbs at 8 months. Hes my buddy. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that Maya is doing great! We all love her very much. She's fitting right in. She's loving, sweet, and can be quite spunky at times. Potty training is going well, no accidents at all today. Yay! She will even go to the door. Very impressive we think! We need to improve her bedtime though. The first night she slept until 5 or so. I thought wow, we can do this. But she sometimes gets up screaming around 2 or 3. We put her out to potty, then try back in the kennel. She cried for 13 minutes at the longest. It seemed like forever. At my moments of weakness, I put her in bed with me...Uh oh, I think I have started a bad habit! She loves it though! She goes right to sleep in our bed, the little stinker! Well, just wanted to let you know how things were going. Hope all is well there. I attached a few pictures. Hope it worked! Have a great week! Biscuit (Hunter) is now sleeping comfortably, and my wife Jo-Anne was remarking what a fantastic job you have done throughout this process. I couldnt agree with her more. You should have seen the excitement when they first met Biscuit. Both were close to tears. Dont worry, Ill keep in touch with pictures and details of his great life!

Hi Cindy: I have to tell you about Bubba-Jack. He is my walking partner. I have taught him when we go for our walk that when he comes to a curb he stops and just sits. When we walk he is on my left side, right next to my leg - no pulling, nothing. Other dogs try to get over to him he keeps on walking, he couldn't care less. I did have one incident when I was walking a dog pulled the leash from her owner right from her hands and he was charging, so I had no other thing to do, I let Bubba-jack go. I was lucky some guys saw it and pulled them apart. Bubba did okay, but he is no fighter. When I stop, he stops and sits. He just wonderful. I have taught him to sit and say wait, and he'll stay until I tell him to go. He rolls, lays down, waits, I can even put a cracker on his nose and say wait and he won't move it to flip it until I tell him okay. He is the best. When I am out walking and meet someone on the street he will sit by my side and wait. If that person pets him, he will not jump, his tail just wags and wags. He walks with his head held high and prances almost. Thank you for such a wonderful dog and friend. I am so proud of my Bubba- Jack.

Hi Cindy, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgot about you...I will be emailing you pictures and everything soon. Avy is awesome. He just finished all of his puppy shots and is doing great. I haven't yet taken him down any ski runs with me because I'm afraid he may still be too young for that type of workout. he is very good at sitting and laying down and shake and other one (shaking with the other hand) and high five (like a shake but he jumps up and gives me five. I will be starting obedience classes soon and I will be teaching him hide and seek (so that he can learn to be an avalanche dog). He LOVES the snow! He loves playing in it. When I go skiing I bring him to certain mountains that have specified dog lots (dog parks at a ski mtn basically) and I go ski for an hour and then come back and play with him for a bit and switch off. He loves going to the mountain and playing with all the other dogs in the snow. Anyways hope all is well and I'll email pictures soon. Thanks for the amazing puppy!! -Dave

It's been a while since I have written. I sent a picture of Ben and Ellie, so you can see how much he has grown. I have had three sessions with a dog trainer for about an hour each. His last session was Friday. He found, flushed and we shot 4 birds over him and he retrieve each. He also did two dead bird retrieves in deep cover. He has a very good nose. We have a three day hunt planed for opening weekend of pheasant in southwestern ND, so he will get a lot of great experience there. As I told you it would be a bonus IF he could hunt, and it looks like he may be very good. He was the easiest to house break of any dog we have had. When he has to go he goes to the door and gives a "yip" He is running with me or walking with DeAnne about everyday. Today we went three miles and he heeled without a leash about 3/4's of a mile both ways to a field where we let he and Ellis run free. He is just doing great. He's going to be a really "looker" too. What a personality! We are laughing every day at his stunts, and screw-ups. He's hilarious. He and Ellie are best friends, and play continuously. Thanks for making this work out for us, we thought after three strikes we were not going to find a dog. Now, we're glad everything worked out just like it did. Jerry Hi! When I opened your e-mail and saw the picture I thought it was our pup. Scott and Ty

named our pup, Shiloh. She is very active and loves to fetch and play. Part of my job is taking care of the summer pool in our town and after we closed and got the chemicals out, I took Shiloh up there and let her swim. She was amazing! And when she came out and dropped the dummy she would whine till I threw it out again. The first time I did this, Scott was getting home from work in Montana and I called him and I was just so excited for him to see her abilities. We are so excited to have her trained to hunt. I have two yards ponds in my yard and we can't keep her out of those. The fish are so immune to this big hairy thing swimming with them and now we are going to expand one of them so she has more room to swim. She is great and is so much part of my family. The puppy in the pics looks a little bigger as far as filled out. Shiloh is so lean!!!! We will get pics to send. Nice to hear from you!! Deb from Douglas, Wyoming

Hello Cindy! I just thought that I would send you a quick little note on Beaux. He has now become the neighborhood hero....he has decided to become the "new" form of mole patrol. Last night when we were all outside somebody pointed out that he was over laying down playing with something, well to all of our surprise he was playing with a ground mole which he caught and killed. It was an interesting thing for him to get ahold of and I thought that I would share it with you. Hes such a good boy and we love him very much, my grandparent even like him and they dont like dogs!! He is well loved by the whole family and I appreciate everything that you have done!! Thank you soo much!!! Miranda I promise I will not bore you after this note. Bubba-Jack continues to amaze us. I would say at 9 1/'2 weeks old he is about 99.5% house broken. He goes over to door and at times barks to get out. This week we only have had 2 accidents, which I can only contribute to our fault as we were not monitoring him. We brought him a little pool for the back yard again he just amazes us. He put his entire head under water. I have not idea why he does this but he certainly is having a good time. The vet figures he going to be a very big dog, around his guess to be about 90 pounds. We will see. He is still closing the bedroom door on command when we say go close the door. We have a rope on the door and he closes it by pulling on the rope. We are just so happy that we were able to come in visit you and make the final pick of Bubba-Jack. All is going extremely well. CindyB.

Well Hubbell is all done with his shots, and today was his first day out at the park. This dog is ... ok ... and it is more than me being a proud Mom .. so smart. He would fetch the frisbee and bring it right back to me. He chased Sami but never wandered off .... he was a perfect gentleman and all the kids had to come over to say hi and pet him and Sami. He has his first official "hunting" lesson on October 1 but we are going to Orville on the 24th, the trainer has her dogs competing in a trial and thought it would be good to go see what the end result would be. I know it is a long drive, but that is ok. If anyone is interested in driving up with us (Namrata) then I can take both dogs, otherwise, I may be dropping Sami off at one of your houses on the way up!!! I just can't handle both dogs in that setting all day!!!! I'll be sending pictures more pictures soon, most of you have seen the ones Namrata took at Robins house the other day. He weighs 30.5 pounds now. He eats like a horse, and yet very lean. The vet is very impressed with him. He loves to unroll the toilet paper, so I have had to leave it off the roll because ... well ... he was eating it and that is a no no. Plus I can't afford three rolls every day!!! Well, that is my latest Hubbell update, he is on his way to being the best, second only of course to my Samantha. They absoluetly are unseperatable now, Sami has grown very fond of the big guy. Well have a wonderful Labor Day !!!! Carla

Hi. Wally is an amazing dog. He is so very smart Sits.Gives the paw.Lays down.comes when called and we are working on the High Five! He is so great with our three girls and we all love him very much. He has been spending allot of time in the Ocean this summer. He is a natural swimmer!

Hi Cindy! So I didn't get the ONLY unbelievably smart and beautiful dog in the litter? Imagine that! Did you get the pics I sent awhile back? Well, I've been trying to get that perfect picture ever since... you know, the one that turns out soooo good that you want it framed above your fireplace? I'll work on more and get some sent to you. I'd love to see his picture on your website! Otherwise, everything is wonderful. Ollie is HUGE now- he's long and tall. And he still has those fabulous eyebrows! And smart? Wow. Wow. And wow. We're about to take him on a grand adventure up to Lake of the Woods- going to a cousins wedding and taking an extra day to go fishing. He's gonna love it. 7 hours in my dad's big RV should be interesting, however. They have a golden, Maggie, who doesn't like other dogs very much. Ollie is gonna have to learn "personal space" in a hurry I'm afraid. That's okay. He's pretty precocious so it'll be good for him. Have had him on the trails only once with one of the horses. He did pretty good, but he's still a little young. So we've been walking the trails daily, getting him used to the lay of the land and working on proper trail behavior- this he's doing excellent with. Being the hunter that he is, however, his nose tends to distract him- lots of stopping and sniffing, diving into tall grass out of the blue and then not wanting to come when called. But it's getting better every day. I think of you guys constantly, am still so grateful I can hardly stand it, and have been on a mission to get a great photo sent to you... I'll do that this week. Great to hear from you! Sandi

Hi Cindy, How are you doing? We're all great here. Sorry I haven't emailed for a while, but I've been kinda busy. Kahlua is doing great with her training and can sit, stay, come (most of the time) sit with a whistle, and come with a whistle (some of the time) She's going to be in a dog walk-a-thon in a few weeks to raise money to build a new animals shelter here. Sarge and a few of their doggie friends will be comming soon. Any way, Kahlua has now become fully accustom to her schedule. She wakes up at 6:30 with Sarge and Dad. They get fed their wet and dry food and either Sarge or both dogs go for a morning walk. If my dad doesn't have enough time for a walk, he'll just train Kahlua in the yard. Then she stays in the outside kennel until about 8:30 or so. She then gets to go potty and comes in and plays. Then at about 10:30 she goes into her inside crate and sleeps until noon. At noon she gets a training lesson and then gets to have her lunch. During the afternoon, she gets one training lesson and gets many play times with Sarge. At dinner time she is either sleeping or in her ourside kennel eating her dinner with Sarge. Then Everyone including the dogs comes downstairs to play with the dogs and watch tv. Finally at about 11 the dogs go out, play for a little go potty for the last time that day. Then the come in sit down and beg for the Beggin' Strips(sarge has to high five or shake for his, Kahlua has to sit stay come and heel for hers) Then they both go to sleep. They're really haveing a great time and I hope you like the pictures this week!

Hi Cindy: I've been meaning to e-mail you for awhile to thank you for Greta and let you know that she is healthy and happy up here in Alaska and a perfect companion. She is already a pretty good walker on the leash and knows the basic commands. Now that spring is here and our trails have thawed out one of her favorite activities is to jump in the muskeg (an Alaskan rainforest version of a swamp) and emerge covered in mud which makes hiking more of an adventure but fortunately she doesn't mind being subject to a bath when she gets home which is very important because she is such a snuggler that we let her on the couch, which I know is a bad thing but we just couldn't help it! She has several other dog friends to play with and is a very social animal. We have taken her out for a few day trips on our commercial fishing boat and she is very good and so far hasn't got seasick but we have avoided rough weather so she will stay willing to go to work with us. Finally, once I get a digital camera I will e-mail some pictures because she is one of the most beautiful golden retrievers I have ever seen--seems like everybody in our small town knows who she is. Thanks again, Paul

Hey Ya'll, Here's a few ... of Baby Kiele ("Bug")... 30 lbs .. Soooo Smart... She has all the basics. Sit, Stay (Even with food under her nose!), Heal, Git- it, Hold, Shake, Down, and Kennel (For Bed) -.. I can walk up stairs, turn off the lights with her at stay (down stairs) and come back a few later with her still at "stay". Still ringin' the bell to go outside ( since about the 2nd week)... She thinks "My" chair is hers FIRST! Kiele plays with Sam and Sam plays like she's NOT! She LOVES her keys and is on her 2nd set -with a 3rd in reserve... loves to play mop the floor with her "DNA" toy... Gotta' see the video to appreciate... We can't wait to get more Outside time for open training (distance bird retrieval) and the "Boat"- We're going fishing --- One day! Gonna be a BASS Lovin' Dog ... Hurry up and MELT... For the last time! That's Little Kiele Jo (AKA - "Kiele Bug") in a nut shell! Rhonda

Hey Cindy and Chad, Sorry it took so long to write back. It's been crazy around here. Everything is going great with Cayce. She's a gorgeous dog (looks just like her parents) and is growing faster than we can blink! Scott taught her to ring a bell when she wants to go out. She picks up on things right away! So smart!! She also loves our cat and they wrestle all the time. How are all your dogs and cat? I've attached some pictures of her and us. Hope to hear from you soon!! ~Sasha and Scottie

Dear Cindy and Chad, It was great getting to meet all of you in person at the airport after exchanging emails, waiting for Chance to be born and then all the progress reports/pictures. Next time, I think I will fly up and actually come out to your place. Abbey, Boot, Tess and I just love our newest member of the family. I can actually say the whole neighborhood loves him as we walk everyday.. He is such a social boy, he loves to see everyone. They all love to see him and how fast he is changing from day to day. He absolutely loves his sisters Tess and Abbey(Blk Lab and Springer). When we go to the park, he now rides in the back of the 4Runner. He thinks he is pretty cool riding back there with his big sisters. He is sooo full of personality and such a smart little boy. We play fetch every evening and practice some obedience basics (sit, stay and down). Everyday is a new adventure with Chance in the house and I love it!! He sleeps thru the night in his crate and never crys/whines. Last Saturday, his sisters and he actually let me sleep in until 6:30am, during the week we are usually up at 4:30am so I was thrilled. I have attached a few pictures so you can see how much he has grown from the last pictures I sent, also you can see how darn cute he is. :) I just want to say Thank you again for our wonderful new addition to our family. He is sooo Handsome and Smart, we would not trade him for the world. Well, Boots(the cat) might on occasion, when he chases her but I think he finally realized she is the boss. He is officially Sir Chance of Small Chance Ranch on his AKC papers. Thank you again! Monica

Cindy, Yukon is doing great. He has quickly become a very loved part of our family. He goes almost everywhere with me and he is quick to impress new people he meets. To this point, we have not found a situation that he is intimidated by. He has made several trips to the trap range with me and he has absolutely no fear of shotguns, or the vacuum for that matter. As for the water, he loves it. We are lucky to be having a very mild January and most of the ponds around here are open on the edges and Yukon absolutely loves it. Also, by far fetch is his favorite game. No matter what he is doing, all you have to say is, do you want to play fetch? and he goes crazy. He retrieves on command, sits before he gives, and delivers the dummy when you command. We couldn't be happier. Thanks so much. Jason The puppy is doing great. Yes, she is growing very fast. She is also learning very fast she already knows how to sit, stay, come, lay down, shake, and speak. She is a wonderful dog and the owners love her. Thanks again, Jason

Shelby has just been a wonderful addition to the family. She is learning the rules of the house and hasn't had to many accidents in the house lately. From the first night, she has slept in her kennel wonderfully. Only one accident and that is it. She is also slowing a bit on the chewing of items that is not hers to chew on. Shelby is also fortunate to come to work with me everyday. The other people in this office campus just loves her. We go on walks everyday and she is adjusting to being on the leash. I forgot to take a recent picture of her to send you, but I will tonight when I go home. You are right about how fast they are growing. I will for sure take your advice on mixing up the food. If you could I would Love to see how the other pups are doing. Could you send me some pictures of them? Take care and keep in touch!!! Carol

Weighed Kiele yesterday - 16.8 lbs. 1lb in 5 days... last week 2 lbs in 4 days - amazing - I Measure and weigh her (and log it) every week.. Very intelligent. started her on the pheasant dummies... Has a hard time holding it but still manages to get it to me! I can throw 3 toys at once and send her for one at a time for a successful retrieve for all - back to back -(The Dog Whisperer)... Here's a picture with her favorite toy! Rhonda Good Morning! I thought you might like to see some pictures of Ginger (AKA white girl). She is growing FAST and has outpaced her brother by a pound or so. We went to the Vet last week and she said �oh boy� look at those feet, do you realize how big she is going to get. So much for runt status !!! Laura loves her puppy and can�t wait to play with her and take her for walks in the neighborhood; all of her little friends have adopted Ginger as well so there is plenty of action around the house. Ginger keeps us all entertained and amused. She has a tendency to get the hic ups and it is funny to watch her try and figure out what is happening to herself. She will hic up and then look down at her belly like � WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE? Take care, Rob This one is Louie and my 8 year old son. They have really enjoyed each other. I am not sure who has the greater energy. I took Louie hunting Geese Saturday. He seemed to love it, and was unphased by the sound of the shotgun. He is going to be easy to train. Vann

Hi Cindy & Chad, Here are some pictures of Kimber that I took today. She just loves to be outside so she has wet legs, tummy and tail in some of them because she was following Dick around for hours !! She is a beautiful dog. Her dark golden coloring is great and her black button nose is perfect. We have had many compliments on her. Even as a puppy, already, some people have asked if we are going to breed her. Kimber is so smart! She is the 4th golden we have raised from puppyhood and she is by far the smartest! She understands so many "words" that we say to her. She knows "get a toy" - "get a ball" - "Do you want to go outside?" (she barks) - "car ride?" (she runs to the car) - "sit" - "speak" - "laydown" - "bedtime" (she goes to her bed) - "treat" (she runs to the pantry closet) - "close your mouth" (when she wants to play bite) - "no barking" - "no biting" and she seems to know our names when we ask her "Where is ____?" she looks for the person we mean. She has keyed into the noises that mean someone is coming - like the garage door opening or the sound of a loud vehicle. She wants to greet everyone who comes to our house and isn't happy until they acknowledge her and pet her. I'm sure she is spoiled. She so much wants to be in charge- it is funny !! Kimber is so vocal !!! She barks if someone is one the phone and she thinks she should be getting the attention. She barks back sometimes when she is being scolded - just like she is talking back !!!! She is constantly making noises to get attention, to complain or to be bossy !! It just cracks us up !! She has a real personality and is such a character. She would love to be the boss of the house. She should be named "Sassy" !!! Dick had foot surgery in mid-January so he wasn't very active for about 3- 4 weeks and so he would let her sit in his lap in the recliner; now she thinks she can jump up on our laps there any time she wants!! It is sort of sweet and cuddly but it won't last long as she is growing !! She loves to be near "her people" and is always so excited to see us if we have been away, even if Dick has been home all day and I come home from work she is overjoyed to greet me. At 16 weeks she went in for a vet check and shots, she was 34 lbs. I'm sure she is closer to 40 lbs by now. She has been TOTALLY housetrained now for about 3 weeks, that means even overnight for at least 8 hours (sometimes more - but we make an effort to get to her by at least 8 hours). No accidents - at all !! Kimber is very alert. She notices birds flying in the trees and even the geese honking overhead ! She is so alert; always on the look out; notices everything and is interested in the whole world around her even driving in the car she really watches the view. And she is brave. Charges right into anything ; meeting new people, going new places; sniffing new things. She is going to be a fantastic hunter. We are excited to take her out to South Dakota someday for pheasants. Dick is going to start to try her out on scented dummies in the next couple of weeks. Well, probably enough bragging about our "golden girl". We love her very much and just enjoy her spunky personality. She makes us laugh so often !! Nancie & Dick

  The Golden resides in the American Kennel Club's top 10 with more than 68 thousand individual dogs and 14, thousand litters registered in 1993. Like many of the sporting breeds, the Golden was born in Britain in the 1800s. Breed ancestry includes the extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, a small Newfoundland, the Irish Setter and other water spaniels. The Golden was developed by Lord Tweedmouth at his estate on the Tweed River near Inverness, Scotland, for retrieving shot waterfowl. The foundation stock of the breed was a yellow retriever puppy of unknown breed and a Tweed Water Spaniel, both of which appear several times in early pedigrees. In the early 1900s, Goldens were shown in England as Flat-coated Retrievers, Golden variety. The dogs made their way to the US with travelers in the 1890s, but were not exhibited in shows until after 1920. Initially, the dogs were used to hunt, but they gradually migrated to the show ring. Although the Golden color ranges from pale orange to deep gold, the deeper colors were originally preferred. Brains as well as beauty, along with an innate need to please his owners is the Golden trademark even above his handsome appearance. The first three dogs to achieve the Obedience Trial Championship instituted by the American Kennel Club in 1977 were Goldens. The Almgren family would like you to meet our favorite breed, maybe you will decide to have one of our pups in your family.