Karma is one of the kindest golden’s I will ever know.. Its like she understands my soul. She looks right into my eyes and seems to understand my thoughts. Her willingness to please is top of the line. She is so beautiful, loves the water, loves to retrieve, LOVES kids, loves to heal, loves any obedience game. Loves to hunt and loves to nap. She is a cuddlier..
As puppies grow
Puppy progress
 Bull Dozzer has sired several litters for us. His puppy’s are amazingly smart with willingness to do anything. They are pleasers! They work hard to make you happy!!   Hip clearance:OFA  GR-110481G27M-VPI   Heart clearance:OFA  GR-CA31377/61M/P-VPI   Elbow clearance:OFA  GR-EL35385M49-VPI   Thyroid clearance:OFA  GR-TH3230/61M-VPI   PRA1 status:OFA  GR-GR1-621/46M-PI    ClearPRA2 status:OFA  GR-GR2-445/46M-PI    ClearIchthyosis status:OFA  GR-ICH666/46M-PI    ClearDM status:OFA  GR-MD3/46M-PI  Clear  Puppy pedigree: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=916704
  Muddy Meadows Shoreline Shooter (11/3/2010-)   Call name:"Shooter"  Gender:F  Country of origin:USA  Shooter is Karmas Mother  True Muddy, loves the water, kids, hunting, and showing off her toys.. She has a wonderful good morning dance and sing!!
Drake Karmas grandfather
  SHR Tidewater Dirty Decoy (2/5/2008-) KARMAS FATHER      Decoy our boy is getting up in age. He is 10 now and doing very well! He is a son of the famous DRAKE-  GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH CCA OS   Wonderful boy, great sire and still sucks on blankets as if he is a baby!! Hunts, loves to swim, genital with our grand kids but always ready to go to get whatever we throw!
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